More for your


Yes. It’s a fact. BSV can be used for more things than ever before. It’s no longer just about trading. You can use it as currency to tip your friends or to enjoy new games. You can even earn more BSV – just by posting on social media.

So, what are you waiting for?

More for your lifestyle

When you BuyBSV it offers more than any other digital currency. You can do all the usual trading, sure. But our currency has much more to offer. Gaming your thing? BSV gives you access to new games. Fancy minting an NFT? Not a problem. Want to share what you’re doing with friends? That’s easy with access to laMint.

It’s a currency everyone wants a bit of…. pun intended.

Choose your wallet

First of all, you need a wallet that’s made for BSV – so you can make the most of the benefits. To make this process super-easy we’ve pre-selected a range of wallets that’ll work.

It's time to
buy BSV

You’ve got your wallet. You’re poised to purchase. Now you’re only a few steps away from buying the best digital currency you’ll ever own. It couldn’t be easier to buy BSV and start enjoying its potential.

Three Simple Steps

Simply pop in the amount and currency
Input your wallet address or scan your wallet QR code
Choose your payment method – credit/debit card or bank transfer

You’ll receive your BSV within 30 minutes for credit/debit card or 1-3 business days for bank transfers. Then you’re free to start making the most of your wallet. Exciting times.

Account Levels

The higher your account level, the more BSV you can buy. Check our different account limits and requirements below.

Level1 Level2
Credit card icon Credit/Debit card limits
Minimum order
€50 per trade, for card and bank
Bank iconBank transfer limits
Minimum order

Maximum card trade: Up to €5,000, individual assessment applies, so some traders will meet individual thresholds lower than this.

Maximum bank trade: Up to €15,000 equivalent
No yearly limits
No yearly limits
Check iconRequirements
You need to sign up and complete identity verification before any trading.
You must have a total volume of at least €1,000 bank orders completed. Security verification will take 5 days.
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