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Well done. You’ve loaded your wallet and you’re ready-to-rock. Here’s a selection of the ways that you can use your BSV – whether you want to have a little fun. Trade.  Or conveniently use it to ‘mass tip’ your friends.

Asset Layer
Asset Layer is a simple and affordable SaaS solution that opens new levels of player experience for your game.
Canonic is not only for buying and selling books and audiobooks. You can also publish your work on the blockchain.
CoinSurvey uses rewards to make surveys fun and engaging while enabling cost-effective data gathering for organizations.
DXS is a trading platform that allows you to trade digital assets in hundreds of global markets directly from a Web3 wallet.
Jamify is a music player and organizer for your NFT collection. Discover fresh tunes and rising artists across the world.
laMint is a content platform that rewards talent through direct payments and helps build a stronger connection with your audience.
Minit Money
Minit Money was made to help support your loved ones back home. It allows for safe and fast money transfers at better rates.
The Mornin’ Run is a blockchain-powered classifieds service where you can post any on-chain listing. Bid in real-time for Slots!
Pay Pistol is the world’s fastest tipping app, where you can instantly distribute BSV to many users at once.
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It's time to
buy BSV

You’ve got your wallet. You’re poised to purchase. Now you’re only a few steps away from buying the best digital currency you’ll ever own. It couldn’t be easier to buy BSV and start enjoying its potential.

Three Simple Steps

Simply pop in the amount and currency
Input your wallet address or scan your wallet QR code
Choose your payment method – credit/debit card or bank transfer

You’ll receive your BSV within 30 minutes for credit/debit card or 1-3 business days for bank transfers. Then you’re free to start making the most of your wallet. Exciting times.

Account Levels

The higher your account level, the more BSV you can buy. Check our different account limits and requirements below.

Level1 Level2
Credit card icon Credit/Debit card limits
Minimum order
€50 per trade, for card and bank
Bank iconBank transfer limits
Minimum order

Maximum card trade: Up to €5,000, individual assessment applies, so some traders will meet individual thresholds lower than this.

Maximum bank trade: Up to €15,000 equivalent
No yearly limits
No yearly limits
Check iconRequirements
You need to sign up and complete identity verification before any trading.
You must have a total volume of at least €1,000 bank orders completed. Security verification will take 5 days.
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